PLA: A Breeze From Bali…

Welcome to the official blog of PLA Naturals!

Having spent some time on the PLA (read “plah:”) website ( and getting to know our soap products, you might be wondering from where, and how, our brand had its start? Indeed, being a young brand, our unique origin is what makes us so different, and a powerful drive behind our effort to make PLA a success.

It all started when Daria Mostowa, the young Polish entrepreneur behind PLA Naturals, checked into a small luxury hotel with her husband on Bali Island, Indonesia. Located on a cliff with beautiful ocean view, the hotel had a glaring air just like about everything else in Bali, the Southeast Asian tourist heaven.

temple new

In the midst of this overwhelming tropical magnificence, however, something small – almost trivial – caught Daria’s attention. She found that the soap used in the hotel really made a difference: unique fragrance, delicate texture, and a uncompromisingly healthy, natural sensation.

Deeply impressed, Daria asked the hotel about the soap, and was informed that they are made locally in a small workshop and could not be bought elsewhere. On her departure, Daria purchased several cartons of the soap directly from the hotel as souvenirs for friends back home. The soaps ended up being extremely popular. A new idea popped up: why not contact the Bali workshop for more, and possibly make it a business?

Through a number of transfers, Daria got hold of Charles, the manager and owner of the local workshop on the other end of the phone. A kind, down-to-earth small business owner, Charles locates his small soap workshop very close to the pristine beaches of Bali. Mainly supplying hotels and local shops, the small yet stable business is not bent on expansions or “making a buck”, thus preserving the natural, quality-focused nature of its products.

Charles’ little factory means more than just good soap, however, that the employees working there are mothers whose children do not have access to proper childcare services. With a genuine concern for the disadvantaged women, Charles set up his workshop to be open for the women, who could bring their children to work. In a region where females are often underemployed, the workshop also provides the women with a stable income.

Our factory

Daria was intrigued by the soap business’s undertone of sustainability and empowerment – both are values she personally commits to. With a partnership in place, Daria is striving to promote the small, beach-side soap workshop, creating more and greater opportunities for local women while introducing the top-quality, all-natural soap to the rest of the world under the brand name of PLA. While operating a solid online-retail business, PLA is unequivocally rooted in profit-sharing and social awareness practices.

The seed of hope grows, even from the smallest of places…


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